Workshops - TBD for 2020

Daily Activities:

  • Early Bird Running Track on the grounds of Acorn Inn
  • Homemade Acorn Inn breads, juice & coffee every morning at the Inn
  • Lunch and Dinner prepared daily by Basic Necessities of Nellysford
  • Zena Rommett Floor Barre (TM) Class late afternoon Tues, Wed, Thurs.
  • Daily Harp Song Rehearsals and Instruction with Virginia Schweninger

Below are the workshops from 2019. This page will be updated soon!

The Road to Playing Therapeutic & Hospice Music

Featuring Kate Tamarkin, CMP, founder of Music By the Bedside program for Hospice of the Piedmont, will share her intimate knowledge of this type of performance; the training needed to play for hospice; and how to become a CMP. She will demonstrate and discuss the types of harps and appropriate repertoire for this rewarding mode of “performance.” Learn about MHTP Training and the Music by the Bedside Program.

Lunch with Eve Watters

Following the previous session with Kate, we’ll continue the conversation over lunch with Kate and Eve Watters who pioneered the Musician-in-Residence Program for the University of Virginia hospital. She has been a Virginia Artist-in-Education since 1986.

Feel free to ask all of your questions and discover the wide variety of performance opportunities that are out there.

Tunes & Tales

Sit back, relax and enjoy master Celtic Harper and Storyteller, Eve Watters. Eve has gathered firsthand experience with traditional folk music while living in Burma and England, studying Celtic harp in Ireland and performing for thousands of audiences around the U.S., Britain, Australia and Brazil. Along the way she’s amassed a repertoire of rare delights and favorite old tunes and tales!

Crafting Our Harp Camp Mascot

Our team of harpists will work together to design and create their idea of a Harp Camp mascot, a harpie scarecrow

who will share the stage with us this week!

Dress for Performance

We will have racks of beautiful, quirky, sparkly and colorful dresses or bring your own (many sizes) to share. Discover a new look or just have fun and play with a special new performance persona and stage presence. In other word, we’re going to play Dress-up!

There’s a Symphony in Your Harp

Kate Tamarkin, Conductor, Professor Emeritus, UVA

Virginia Schweninger, Harpist & Instructor

Using the symphony orchestra as our guide, listen and learn how to engage your imagination discovering new ways to interpret your music. This interactive “crash course” will introduce you to periods of musical style while giving you practical tips on your physical approach to the harp and how to bring your music to life!

Field trip to VesperWood

Over the years, Robin Eastham has gathered a very special animal family. We are invited to tour the farm and learn how touch and training affects these animals’ ability to communicate and work with people. Meet Jacob the camel, 2 sweet elderly yaks (Cheerio and Miss Dri), horses, alpacas, bats, Harold the Emu, Donkey Dobby and her charming mini therapy horses who “look up” to newcomer, Orlaith, the Irish Wolfhound!

From Your Voice to the Tip of Your Fingers

Beginning Voice Class for Harpists

Led by Soprano, Bridgid Eversole, the session will take place in the barnyard at VesperWood Farm.

Learn how to find your own voice. Feel the tones within you and get comfortable moving them through your fingers to the strings! See how this will affect your ability to learn, memorize and improvise!

Zena Rommett Floor Barre TM Class 

Sherry Whaley will lead us in Zena Rommett Floor BarreTM which is dance-inspired conditioning. Come loosen-up, breathe, and get your energy flowing to music. This is a low impact program based on ballet moves. Bring your yoga matte and wear comfy clothes for a late afternoon (or early evening) “cool down.”

Best Performance Practices

Virginia Schweninger will take us through consistent and conscious practice techniques to create a confident and poised performance. Add your own style and a little showbiz and your audiences will love what you do!

Afternoon at the Lake

Afternoon at the lake. Relax or play! Float, swim, paddle board, learn to canoe. Then, join us at the Schweningers’ for a picnic.

Harp Song Closing Concert

Harp Song of the Blue Ridge will perform for family and friends as soloists, in small ensembles and with all harps together! Concert is free and open to all by reservation.

Closing Night