Workshops 2021 - We’re All Works in Progress

What is Music?

Grace Bauson

A delightful and probing workshop

You know it when you hear it, right? But have you stopped to think about what makes it unique, different from the noises you hear in everyday life?

Together we will explore songs from different times, places, and people as we discover what truly defines the concept of music.

Two Hands, One Heart

Kate Tamarkin

This amazing conductor, artist and harpist will help you learn to experience and make music in a whole new way . . . with ease and musicality!

Kate’s workshop will have us off our feet, moving to the music, exploring it’s ups and downs and recognizing how and when our music will truly touch our audience.

How to Care for Your Harp

Howard Bryan

Mr. Bryan will share vital information required to keep your harp healthy and fit.

This will include how to properly tie and install strings; information on proper humidity control in your studio; how to use a tuner; what type of products and materials to use when cleaning your harp; an explanation of the various types of strings used on different harps; and regulation.

Tunes & Tales with Eve

Eve Watters

Sit back, relax and enjoy master Celtic Harper, Artist and Storyteller, Eve Watters.

Year after year, Eve joins us to share stories amassed on her world travels where she amassed a repertoire of rare delights, favorite old tunes and tales!

Field Trip to VesperWood Farm

Robin Eastham, Instructor, Alexander Technique

Dealing With Performance Anxiety

This year, we will explore our body’s reaction to stage fright, i.e. performance anxiety!

Release that tension and play with ease. You’ll feel better and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way… the way nature intended.

Then, meet Robin’s amazing largely free-range family of critters who call VesperWood Farm their home. Magic happens here. Life happens here!

Harp Ensemble & Best Performance Practices

Virginia Schweninger

Daily practice sessions will take different shapes as the week progresses and amazing music begins to emerge! Trios, duos, full ensemble and solo performances help us all pull together forming a supportive team of artists.

Best Performance Practices

Daily ensemble rehearsals and break-away pairings with “harp friends” help us develop new practice techniques to create confident and poised performers. Add your own style and a little showbiz and your audiences will love what you do!

Zena Rommett Floorbarre

Sheryl Whaley